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Monday, 20 March 2017

Behold! It's the Xiaomi Redmi 4A - Probably the best ultra budget phone

source : GSMArena
On March 20th,2017 Xiaomi India launched their ultimate budget phone, Redmi 4A. Though already released in its home country china it surely was highly anticipated amongst Indian users. For a price of Rs. 5999/-

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Charge Your Phone By Sucking Power From Your Friends Phone Wirelessly!!!!!

We have all encountered that phase in our life where we wish we can charge our phone by sucking like a vampire on our friends phone. Well now thanks to Sony we can actually do that. Yes you read right. You can wirelessly suck power from your friend’s phone when yours is low. The company wants you to be able to steal power from your friend’s phone without having to connect a single cable.

Monday, 6 March 2017

iPhones New Battery That Will Never Run Out Of Battery!!!!!!


Once again MIT is on the verge of creating a revolution. Some researcher from MIT have created a technology through which we don’t need to charge our phone again, EVER!!!. It’s amazing how far we have come into the future. These researchers have figure out a way to convert the mechanical energy that we create while walking, into electrical energy that can be used to charge electronic devices. So in a nutshell, we will soon have phone that will never run out of battery. There is a company called Nikola lab that have also created a battery which charges on wireless signal.

Hello! All the exoplanets out there!

Source :- NASA
NASA has discovered seven planets with sizes similar to that of Earths' which are estimated to be 39 light years away, this has awakened the best instincts of earthling eager to welcome these newly found planets into our planetary pantheon. Planets such like these have always been of much interest because it enables the scientists for the infinite possibilities of life.

Gaming becomes a lot cheaper with new AMDs

source: PC world
For years, the only option for serious gamers has been Intel. AMD’s chips lagged far behind, to the point where the only question to be asked about desktop processors was i5 or i7.
With its latest generation of chips, called Ryzen (welcome Ryzen!) , AMD is changing all that. According to the numbers (although we don’t have real-world tests just yet), Ryzen will offer performance that matches the highest-end Core i7 processors, but for half the price. Time to get excited.

Facebook May Launch its own TV Application Soon

Image by Business Insider
The popular social media app is developing its own TV application to work with set-top box like Apple Tv reported by The Wall Street Journal. This Facebook TV application will encourage its users to watch longer videos on its network. The goal of launching this application would be increase the ad revenue. Broadcasting to a larger screen means that longer, more “premium,” video content commands much higher rates than the shorter videos that make up much of Facebook’s existing content.

By providing longer and videos YouTube and Facebook are attempting to acquire quality video content. In turn, advertisers would most likely spend more money to advertise on a premium video than on a 6-second cat video.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company would be increasing the amount of video content on the social networking site. Mark Zuckerberg was reportedly meeting with producers about creating original content to be shown on Facebook.
Currently Facebook is testing mid-roll ads that play during the middle of videos on its network and they also have a plan to display ads on their upcoming Facebook TV application.

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