Google’s messaging app will compete with whatsapp

Google’s messaging app will compete with whatsapp

Google to buy whatsapp nearly $ 10 billion was offered 60,000 crore. Facebook whatsapp $ 4 billion to $ 12 billion of cash and shares of the company nearly $ 19 billion, with nearly 1.20 lakh crore was successful in purchasing.

Economic Times reports Google is planning to launch its own mobile messaging app. It is expected that Google will be testing in India and other rapidly growingcountries.Hangouts, Photos, Product Management Director Singhal ecosystem  Google Plus Core &  platform for a better understanding of the Asia-Pacific are visiting other countries.

According to sources, Google’s messaging app will work exactly the same way as your mobile number whatsapp automatically joins. In other services like Google App users will not need to log in to the Google. The company supports Indian languages and vice-to-text messaging system letting you thinking of making it is Indian.


The app is still going through the early stages. If all is better then its launch in 2015 could be the year.

The Instant Messenger app for smartphone users would be free, it will not have the money to use. Votsऐp would rival the greatest of these applications. Votsऐp early smartphone users to get free for a year, but nearly a year after the $ 0.99 annual charge is Rs 60.

Hopefully Google’s new messaging would be interesting, but Google is not only the only whatsapp viber, wechat, nimbuzz, such as hiking and line are also present in other opponent is a good user base.

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