How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Android is enticing OS however not thus secure because it should had to be.Which show that what proportion android is secure. usually we have a tendency to use pattern lock to protect phone for others or maybe we use some applications however of these patterns will simply bypass just by doing little efforts.

We tend to simply reset our phone to get rid of these pattern lock however what concerning if we needs to Unlock android Pattern Lock while not Losing Your Personal data ? don’t worry you’re at a right place.

Like we all know android is an open source platform and that we will customize its settings & options in step with us if we’ve got a deep information concerning android. it’s a really simple and easy technique to secure our personal mobile phone data with pattern lock.

we’ve got to just draw a pattern and that is it and you do not need to bother put numbers or characters for password because we will easily forget numbers and characters as compare to pattern lock. it’s a really rare case however you will forget your pattern lock.

as was common we use G mail account in play store it become simple to reset however if you do not have an email address to reset it.

Thus don’t worry, people who forgot or might be forget their android pattern lock will simply unlock pattern lock without losing their personal data. Here we tend to found some ways through that you’ll unlock pattern lock any of your android smartphone.

We tend to we progressing to justify totally different ways to unlock android smartphone pattern lock without losing data. thus opt for that you discover out simple to try and do.

Method#1 Unlock Android pattern lock using factory settings

Note : Using This method your Data will lost .if you are want to unlock Android pattern lock with out lost any Data so read Method#2 carefully.

  1. Switch off lock Android device.
  2. Boot your android using by holding power and vol up key .
  3. Navigate to Recovery mode using vol up down .
  4. Select “Factory Data Reset” option and give “Yes“
  5. Select “Wipe Cache Partition” to wipe cache data.
  6. Now reboot your device
  7. Now your device ready to use .

Method#2 Unlock Android patten Lock without lost  Data

Requirement :

  1. Aroma File manager
  2. A SD card for Android Device.

Step.1 Download Aroma File manager and copy in to memory card

Step.2 Insert Memory card into Locked Android phone.

Step.3 Boot your android using by holding power and vol up key.

Step.4 Now Goto Recovery Mode using vol up down.

Step.5 click on “Install Zip from SD Card” and give path to install “Aroma File Manager”from SD card.

Step.6 After installing it will open recovery Mode

Step.7 Now Goto setting >  click on “Automount all devices on start” and then exit.

  • Now repeat step 4 and 5.

Step.8 you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

Step.9 Now Go to Data Folder >> System Folder and find >> “gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock.

Step.10 Now Delete these files and exit aroma file manager And reboot android device .After rebooting you may seen that password or pattern lock not removed. however don’t worry draw any pattern and you’ll open your android device however keep in mind or note that pattern.

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