Facebook May Launch its own TV Application Soon


The popular social media app is developing its own TV application to work with set-top box like Apple Tv reported by The Wall Street Journal. This Facebook TV application will encourage its users to watch longer videos on its network.

The goal of launching this application would be increase the ad revenue. Broadcasting to a larger screen means that longer, more “premium,” video content commands much higher rates than the shorter videos that make up much of Facebook’s existing content.

By providing longer and videos YouTube and Facebook are attempting to acquire quality video content. In turn, advertisers would most likely spend more money to advertise on a premium video than on a 6-second cat video.
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company would be increasing the amount of video content on the social networking site. Mark Zuckerberg was reportedly meeting with producers about creating original content to be shown on Facebook.
Currently Facebook is testing mid-roll ads that play during the middle of videos on its network and they also have a plan to display ads on their upcoming Facebook TV application.

Samsung Foldable Smartphones are Finally Here

Samsung Foldable

Brace yourselves because this news going to hit you hard. For once and for all rumours were true. After watching several teasers videos, leaked roadmaps, concept design and flexible screen panel demonstration from Samsung.

They are finally nearing a fordable product release. Right now Samsung is working on two different types of fordable Smartphone’s with a separate dual screened version to be released in early 2017 according to South Korea’s ET News.

The Smartphone’s that may appear at CES or MWC is said to be hinged though, not actually bent. Two flat side by side panels with a hinge between is very similar to a prototype demoed recently by Japan Display.

The will may have three orientations: folded out with screen on the front and back, folded in to protect the displays in transit, or laid out flat like a tablet.

The primary intends of this new dual-screened smart phones is to gauge user interest and introduce consumers to some of the features and benefits of foldable smart phones before truly foldable devices are officially launched. The example is given of the Galaxy Round and Galaxy Note Edge as precursors to the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung will be producing some small amount of dual screened smartphones in early 2017 to get the market response and then will apply the feedback on their two fordable smart phone designs.

The two styles of foldable smartphones Samsung is working on are described as an “out-foldable” design and an “in-foldable” design. We’ve already seen an example of an in-foldable design in the concept device we saw as far back as 2014 in Samsung’s infamous advertisement and that we’ve seen in patent applications as recently as a month ago.

The out-foldable design is seen as the “next step” in foldable smartphones. “When an out-foldable smartphone is folded, OLED panels are placed on the front and the back.

Panels also work at the part where it is bent, and this smartphone can be used as a tablet when it is not folded.” To get an idea of how this works, just take a look at Lenovo’s foldable concepts demoed earlier this year.

The fate of dual screened smartphones will largely depend on the response in the first half of the year. This may seem like a story we’ve all heard many times in the past, but this is the first time we’ve heard about a precursor product being prepped for release with actual foldable designs coming in its wake.

Learn This New Language for Android Developer!!

Android Developer

Google launched new android Programming language “Kotlin”. Recently, Google announced about officially launching for Kotlin to write an android application at Google I/O 2017 developer conference.

Kotlin programming language developed by JetBrains and was first released in 2012, but now it is officially supported  as “first class” language .

Developers can use this new programming language in Android Studio 3.0, Earlier developers had to use Kotlin plugins in java programs but now they can take full advantage of Kotlin.

Kotlin is an open source programming language under Apache 2.0 license, as now the language get full support of Google and JetBrains company collaborating with Google to establish independent non-profit organization for future development.

As earlier Google has never added a programming language. Google made it very clear that Kotlin was not only a replacement for the existing Java and C++ languages used in Android development but also an additional language.

Last Year on  May 26th, Oracle sued Google for illegally using Java code to rush to the market with Android but the search giant said its use of Java API’s in the source was under “fair use”. Oracle again visited court, hinder its case for leading the jury to make wrong decision.

Later, Google announced that they will drop the support for Java API’s and will use only OpenJDK. And, here we are, Google nailed it. Kotlin might get the push by Google forward as it is young and open source language.

So, if you are an android developer then upgrade your skills or want to be an android developer, you should learn this open source language.

Microsoft deal with truecaller to Live Caller ID to Windows Phone


The Swedish company says that with the Live caller ID search feature on devices running Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 and above, users are able to see info of the caller throughout the incoming call even though it’s not been keep in their Lumia device telephone directory. Earlier, the Truecaller app on Windows Phone may only show the information of the call the decisioner once the call.

With version 4.2 of the app for devices running Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 and higher than, Truecaller for Windows Phone finally offers identical Live caller ID practicality as its android and iOS counterparts, with the Microsoft opening up the restricted API of the platform for the Swedish firm with the declared partnership.

Microsoft says that whereas the new Lumia devices can return preloaded with this feature, the present Lumia users will install the Truecaller app version 4.2 update for Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan and on top of, beginning thursday, October 16, from the Windows Phone Store.

“We are terribly happy to be able to support Truecaller in delivery this nice practicality globally to Windows Phone for the first time. Our partnership goes back many years and that we have seen that Truecaller could be a very dedicated company targeted on delivering an excellent service for its users,” said Navdeep Manaktala, Head, Applications & Developer ecosystem at Microsoft Mobile Devices and Services.
“Microsoft devices ar used by millions across the world and the openness of the platform allowed us to form one thing completely for its users. we are delighted to be related to Microsoft once more, and be able to offer the distinctive Live caller ID operation feature to the users. Truecaller could be a wide used app and with this distinctive service our endeavor is to require Microsoft Device users’ experience to future level,” the next Nami Zarringhalam, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Truecaller.

Facebook auto delete feature

Will let you post a lot on Facebook Wall. Search for posts to be deleted even after puttingwould cause trouble for you. However, soon you can get rid of this trouble. Providing the convenience of its users, Facebook is the Auto-delete.

Facebook plans to add auto delete feature soon. Currently running at this trial. auto delete feature allows you to delete your post can set time-limit. This time limit will be onehour seven days.

At the same schedule as much time as you have selected your posts on your Facebookwall itself will be deleted.According to an official connected to Facebook Under the pilot project currently runningthe trial, if successful, it will be made available to users.