Learn This New Language for Android Developer!!

Android Developer

Google launched new android Programming language “Kotlin”. Recently, Google announced about officially launching for Kotlin to write an android application at Google I/O 2017 developer conference.

Kotlin programming language developed by JetBrains and was first released in 2012, but now it is officially supported  as “first class” language .

Developers can use this new programming language in Android Studio 3.0, Earlier developers had to use Kotlin plugins in java programs but now they can take full advantage of Kotlin.

Kotlin is an open source programming language under Apache 2.0 license, as now the language get full support of Google and JetBrains company collaborating with Google to establish independent non-profit organization for future development.

As earlier Google has never added a programming language. Google made it very clear that Kotlin was not only a replacement for the existing Java and C++ languages used in Android development but also an additional language.

Last Year on  May 26th, Oracle sued Google for illegally using Java code to rush to the market with Android but the search giant said its use of Java API’s in the source was under “fair use”. Oracle again visited court, hinder its case for leading the jury to make wrong decision.

Later, Google announced that they will drop the support for Java API’s and will use only OpenJDK. And, here we are, Google nailed it. Kotlin might get the push by Google forward as it is young and open source language.

So, if you are an android developer then upgrade your skills or want to be an android developer, you should learn this open source language.

How to change Android Font style

Android Font

A custom, easy-to-read, sans-serif face. It works well for internal menus and app labels alike, and it serves its purpose of being comparatively retiring and easy-to-read thus you’ll be able to specialize in the apps and knowledge.

However it’s additionally extremely boring. i prefer sleek sans serif fonts the maximum amount because the next person, however Roboto screams “stock minimalism” within the worst manner.

Luckily, with a trifle effort, you’ll be able to switch up your device’s system font in mere a couple of steps. Sure, your new font might not be quite as clear as Roboto, however who extremely has to recognize what the Settings menu says once it’s thus damn awe-inspiring.

Change Font style in Samsung Android Smartphone :

initial things first: the flexibility to alter your android device’s system font isn’t a constitutional feature available android. this implies that devices running stock android (Google’s Nexus line and Google Play Edition phones) don’t have a simple Settings option for changing the system font.

However, if you’ve got a tool from a manufacturer that likes to place fancy skins over stock android, you’re in luck. Samsung is one such manufacturer, and the company has designed font-changing into its Galaxy line including the S2, S3, S4, Note, Note 2, Note 3, and Note 10.1.

If you have a Samsung device and you’d like to change Android Font style, simply go to Settings > Device > Display > Font, and tap Font style.

For Other Android Device :

If you have got you have running stock android there’s a non-root workaround: A custom launcher. Custom launchers are developer- and user-designed skins that modification the design of your home screen and app drawer. many custom launchers conjointly embody custom fonts, thus you’ll be able to effectively modification your system font by installing a custom launcher.

To change Android Font style with a custom launcher, you need to first download and install a custom launcher like GO Launcher EX or ADW Launcher. These launchers can modification the entire look of your device, thus be ready to change Android Font style ,re-sort and customize your home screen apps and widgets once you’ve installed them. For this example, we’ll be exploitation GO Launcher EX.

Once you’ve installed GO Launcher, go to your home screen and open the Menu. tap Preferences > General > Font   .Scan Font to seek out all of the font packages on your device. this might take an instant, looking on what number font packs you have got on your device. If you don’t have any fonts on your device, pick up the free font pack GO Launcher Fonts to get you started.

When GOLauncher is complete searching for font packs, tap Select font and choose a font for your system.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Android Pattern Lock

Android is enticing OS however not thus secure because it should had to be.Which show that what proportion android is secure. usually we have a tendency to use pattern lock to protect phone for others or maybe we use some applications however of these patterns will simply bypass just by doing little efforts.

We tend to simply reset our phone to get rid of these pattern lock however what concerning if we needs to Unlock android Pattern Lock while not Losing Your Personal data ? don’t worry you’re at a right place.

Like we all know android is an open source platform and that we will customize its settings & options in step with us if we’ve got a deep information concerning android. it’s a really simple and easy technique to secure our personal mobile phone data with pattern lock.

we’ve got to just draw a pattern and that is it and you do not need to bother put numbers or characters for password because we will easily forget numbers and characters as compare to pattern lock. it’s a really rare case however you will forget your pattern lock.

as was common we use G mail account in play store it become simple to reset however if you do not have an email address to reset it.

Thus don’t worry, people who forgot or might be forget their android pattern lock will simply unlock pattern lock without losing their personal data. Here we tend to found some ways through that you’ll unlock pattern lock any of your android smartphone.

We tend to we progressing to justify totally different ways to unlock android smartphone pattern lock without losing data. thus opt for that you discover out simple to try and do.

Method#1 Unlock Android pattern lock using factory settings

Note : Using This method your Data will lost .if you are want to unlock Android pattern lock with out lost any Data so read Method#2 carefully.

  1. Switch off lock Android device.
  2. Boot your android using by holding power and vol up key .
  3. Navigate to Recovery mode using vol up down .
  4. Select “Factory Data Reset” option and give “Yes“
  5. Select “Wipe Cache Partition” to wipe cache data.
  6. Now reboot your device
  7. Now your device ready to use .

Method#2 Unlock Android patten Lock without lost  Data

Requirement :

  1. Aroma File manager
  2. A SD card for Android Device.

Step.1 Download Aroma File manager and copy in to memory card

Step.2 Insert Memory card into Locked Android phone.

Step.3 Boot your android using by holding power and vol up key.

Step.4 Now Goto Recovery Mode using vol up down.

Step.5 click on “Install Zip from SD Card” and give path to install “Aroma File Manager”from SD card.

Step.6 After installing it will open recovery Mode

Step.7 Now Goto setting >  click on “Automount all devices on start” and then exit.

  • Now repeat step 4 and 5.

Step.8 you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

Step.9 Now Go to Data Folder >> System Folder and find >> “gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock.

Step.10 Now Delete these files and exit aroma file manager And reboot android device .After rebooting you may seen that password or pattern lock not removed. however don’t worry draw any pattern and you’ll open your android device however keep in mind or note that pattern.