Facebook May Launch its own TV Application Soon


The popular social media app is developing its own TV application to work with set-top box like Apple Tv reported by The Wall Street Journal. This Facebook TV application will encourage its users to watch longer videos on its network.

The goal of launching this application would be increase the ad revenue. Broadcasting to a larger screen means that longer, more “premium,” video content commands much higher rates than the shorter videos that make up much of Facebook’s existing content.

By providing longer and videos YouTube and Facebook are attempting to acquire quality video content. In turn, advertisers would most likely spend more money to advertise on a premium video than on a 6-second cat video.
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company would be increasing the amount of video content on the social networking site. Mark Zuckerberg was reportedly meeting with producers about creating original content to be shown on Facebook.
Currently Facebook is testing mid-roll ads that play during the middle of videos on its network and they also have a plan to display ads on their upcoming Facebook TV application.

Facebook auto delete feature

Will let you post a lot on Facebook Wall. Search for posts to be deleted even after puttingwould cause trouble for you. However, soon you can get rid of this trouble. Providing the convenience of its users, Facebook is the Auto-delete.

Facebook plans to add auto delete feature soon. Currently running at this trial. auto delete feature allows you to delete your post can set time-limit. This time limit will be onehour seven days.

At the same schedule as much time as you have selected your posts on your Facebookwall itself will be deleted.According to an official connected to Facebook Under the pilot project currently runningthe trial, if successful, it will be made available to users.

Facebook Sell Something button


Facebook is coming soon with a new feature ” Facebook Sell Something button. Facebook‘s new feature Sailing Site OLX, and may cause problems for Quicker.

 Facebook Testing a feature temperately which option you will sell your items for work. This feature is not just for all users.

How would post items :

While the group of users on Facebook Post “Right Post” button next to the “sell Something” will be written. Clicking on the button will have a form in which the relevant information required to be paid to sell the item. The price, description, photos, pick up and delivery options will be given.

When will you post it so it will appear perfectly well in a better format. Who want to buy the item, they can send their offers and prices or other information on this in the Comments box can muster.

How to be purchased items:

Facebook says that when buying the item, contact seller by phone, so there is some controversy later. Facebook for any dispute between the buyer-seller shall not be liable.

Facebook told the site that we are able to test new feature to the Facebook group, so people can easily sell your used items. Currently it is being tested on some Facebook users. This is a threat to other sites, because Facebook is accessible to many people, but OLX,, Quicker is limited to the area. Therefore, if Facebook will launch this new feature can affect the rest of the sites on the business.