Microsoft deal with truecaller to Live Caller ID to Windows Phone


The Swedish company says that with the Live caller ID search feature on devices running Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 and above, users are able to see info of the caller throughout the incoming call even though it’s not been keep in their Lumia device telephone directory. Earlier, the Truecaller app on Windows Phone may only show the information of the call the decisioner once the call.

With version 4.2 of the app for devices running Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 and higher than, Truecaller for Windows Phone finally offers identical Live caller ID practicality as its android and iOS counterparts, with the Microsoft opening up the restricted API of the platform for the Swedish firm with the declared partnership.

Microsoft says that whereas the new Lumia devices can return preloaded with this feature, the present Lumia users will install the Truecaller app version 4.2 update for Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan and on top of, beginning thursday, October 16, from the Windows Phone Store.

“We are terribly happy to be able to support Truecaller in delivery this nice practicality globally to Windows Phone for the first time. Our partnership goes back many years and that we have seen that Truecaller could be a very dedicated company targeted on delivering an excellent service for its users,” said Navdeep Manaktala, Head, Applications & Developer ecosystem at Microsoft Mobile Devices and Services.
“Microsoft devices ar used by millions across the world and the openness of the platform allowed us to form one thing completely for its users. we are delighted to be related to Microsoft once more, and be able to offer the distinctive Live caller ID operation feature to the users. Truecaller could be a wide used app and with this distinctive service our endeavor is to require Microsoft Device users’ experience to future level,” the next Nami Zarringhalam, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Truecaller.

Google’s messaging app will compete with whatsapp


Google to buy whatsapp nearly $ 10 billion was offered 60,000 crore. Facebook whatsapp $ 4 billion to $ 12 billion of cash and shares of the company nearly $ 19 billion, with nearly 1.20 lakh crore was successful in purchasing.

Economic Times reports Google is planning to launch its own mobile messaging app. It is expected that Google will be testing in India and other rapidly growingcountries.Hangouts, Photos, Product Management Director Singhal ecosystem  Google Plus Core &  platform for a better understanding of the Asia-Pacific are visiting other countries.

According to sources, Google’s messaging app will work exactly the same way as your mobile number whatsapp automatically joins. In other services like Google App users will not need to log in to the Google. The company supports Indian languages and vice-to-text messaging system letting you thinking of making it is Indian.


The app is still going through the early stages. If all is better then its launch in 2015 could be the year.

The Instant Messenger app for smartphone users would be free, it will not have the money to use. Votsऐp would rival the greatest of these applications. Votsऐp early smartphone users to get free for a year, but nearly a year after the $ 0.99 annual charge is Rs 60.

Hopefully Google’s new messaging would be interesting, but Google is not only the only whatsapp viber, wechat, nimbuzz, such as hiking and line are also present in other opponent is a good user base.

Speedup Chrome with Google software removal tool

Google software Removal Tool could be a portable app released by Google itself to assist you take away programs that are inflicting problems to Chrome browser.

Download Google software Removal Tool:

Google Chrome browser is intended to be simple, secure and fast, however putting in some addon’s can amendment the behavior of the browser , these harmful extensions or tool bars not solely causes sluggishness however but serves ads by grouping your browsing data.



Although Google tried to mend these problems by not allowing extensions to install silently and event it disabled third- party addons. But for windows users it’s a typical problem that installing some softwares can add extensions and tool-bars to the default browser, these extensions may be smart or malicious. though you’ll be able to disable or remove them , but the malicious tools or extension’s go away escape easily.

In order to assist you to remove suspicious programs from your Chrome browser Google code Removal Tool has been released, this windows only tool will clean up chrome and restores it’s original settings.

When you launch the Google software Removal Tool, it’ll scan for suspicious programs that hijack your Chrome browser and displays a window with message either “No suspicious programs found” or “x suspicious programs found”. If there are suspicious programs, it’ll ask you whether or not you’d prefer to remove.

After this step, Google software Removal Tool open Chrome browser and asks you to ‘Reset browser settings’. Clicking the ‘Reset’ button can clear cookies, content and website knowledge, additionally it’ll reset the browser search engine, new tab page and residential page.Further a lot of it’ll disable addons on your browser and undo all tabs.